Kovacs: “The main inspiration for my songs, comes from pain.”

We met her in her last visit in Athens, to open the Church Sessions by Pepper Radio, in the Anglican Church of St. Paul.  Simple, cool and with a smile on her face the whole hour, Sharon not only answered to all of our questions, but she managed to turn an interview into a girlstalk as if you knew her since ever. Enjoyable.

So Sharon… Again in Athens, this time to open the church sessions by Pepper Radio Station, at the Anglican Church of St. Paul. A mystagogic event I would say. Tell me a little bit about this experience of yours.

It was very special. It was a church, a beautiful church. A very small concert and very intimate, although we were all like… (showing like dancing), not so intimate sounds, but I thought “ok we are in a church” everybody was very quiet and suddenly… we woke everybody up. But I loved and it was very special. I ‘m not gonna forget that.

Now, when I’ve studied your route so far, I ‘ve read that this very unique and special voice of yours, with the black, jazz, soul, pop elements and this magic combination that you have in your throat, has caused some troubles with your education at the Eindhoven Rock City Institute, with your teachers, sth. like that…?

Yes It’s True.

Can you tell me how this magic voice can become a hurdle or an obstacle to a person and how did you deal with that?

I think that the way I use my voice… my vocals are different and not really closing, and make my voice sound really full. But in school, I had this teacher who made this program and it was all about using the vocal chords… and I couldn’t do a lot of these things. I’ve found my own way of singing. I think that they couldn’t really understand how to treat my voice and how to handle it. I became very insecure when they were telling me “hmm Sharon don’t do this…, don’t do that… we don’t know…” And at one point, my teacher wrote me a letter, telling me “you should probably stop, because you know… with your voice….” So I went to my CEO of my school and I said “I ‘m not leaving”. (both laughing) and they put me out of class. So, this was really nice of them to do that. It was difficult I think for a teacher to put a finger on how to…

To this very innovative thing that you have in your throat?


You write your own songs. Where do you get the inspiration from, and does pain plays any role on that? Or is it love?

I think that the main inspiration comes from pain and from bad experiences and things that are difficult.

Is love an easy thing, or is it difficult as well?

Love is nice when you fall in love but then… (she laughs) you always jump into the dark actually with love, you give everything and…. I love to love, but you also know that people can hurt you, so…

Maybe they meet each other in the same path. Pain and love.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I think so.

Well, your audience in Greece worships you, you know that. I would say that the relationship you have with them is an erotic one.

Is it?

Well, that what I think and what I see. All your concerts in Greece, have been sold out so far. What is that, that the Greek audience sees in you, do you believe, and what would you like to say to your Greek fans?

Well, I ‘m not sure, but I think it’s that I ‘m very intuitive and very emotional and I think that what Greek people are, are very emotional and very warm and I think that they are very intuitive as well. I think that’s the main thing. And I ‘m very direct and I think also the Greek people I met, are all quite direct. Always when I come to Greece, it’s a nice experience, it’s a warm experience, I feel so welcome. Greece is going through some hard times at the moment, but you re quite rich country, beautiful people, beautiful nature and in a way I think… just keep going, and even if I look at my own stories, it’s not always beautiful. People keep going and you will be fine. I was here three years ago and I felt so sorry. Everybody was depressed and now, I came back and things didn’t change so much, and as talking to people, they still say “nothing changed actually”, but I think that the people are more creative at the moment and all this comes out with sth. else which is quite amazing. That’s what I want to say to Greek people.

By your 28, you have won already 3 European awards, you ‘ve become an international singer and many many more to come… Is it in real life, as you have imagined it at your beginnings or even more, as a little girl?

(she laughs) Noooooooo!! It’s not at all!!! (both laughing loud) Of course you think, “Im gonna be a singer. I’ m just gonna sing…” Singing is like…

A dot?

It’s like nothing. It’s a business. It’s like a big company around you… I would never imagined that it would be like this. And sometimes, in the beginning I was like “Oh my God, I don’t know if this is for me.” But in the end, the music part is still there and the magic and the connection with people and all that. And I think that’s definitely sth. that keeps me going because all the other things like business and stuff.. it’s difficult.

I would like you to tell me sth. that you love, sth you’re afraid of and sth that keeps awake at night.

Oh, I love many things…

Sth. that you love a little bit more than the others.

I love to love! I hope I could always be able to love to put myself open. I’ m afraid of being alone. That’s definitely one of my biggest fears.

And sth that keeps awake at night?

A good nice boy…??? (both laughing loud)

I mean like a trouble in the head. Which could be. A boy! (still both laughing loud)

Boys always keeps me awake at night. I don’t know why. (she gets serious) When things are not going well with people around me.


Yes. Relationships. Or when people are sick, or not feeling well. That definitely can keep me awake.

You have stated that you want your songs to be dirty and honest. And that music is what you have in your soul. So your songs are dirty and honest. Is that what sb will find in your soul? Sth dirty and sth honest?

(both laughing) Yesss…. Probablyyyyy… a little bit. Not exactly. Well, I ‘m not perfect.

Are those opposite? Dirty and honest? Or not?

I don’t know. I don’t know how I said dirty. Probably its not the same. No. I think dirty is finding an edge. Dirty is an edge I think. And what was the other one?


Yes, so making mistakes is not an edge. It’s real. So it’s honest. Does it make sense?

Yes it does.

I like to find the edges. The balance out. Like in life, if you say “I’m fine I’m happy” means you balance everything out. And in a song, I love to balance it, but also to find contradiction.


Info: Kovacs’ upcoming scheduled concert in Greece, is at 16th of February, in Athens.


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Interview by: Elena Katsari

Photographer: Anastasia Dimaraki


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