Jack Savoretti: ”It’s been an absolute honour to be working with Bob Dylan and Kylie Minogue”

Just a few weeks after the release of his new album “Singing to Strangers” which reached the top of the UK Charts in a few days, the talented artist of Italian origin, Jack Savoretti, talks about recording and performing his new album and his great collaborations.

Your 6th studio album ”Singing to Strangers” was released a few days ago and it was recorded in a studio in a basement of a church in Rome. What memories do you have from the recording session?

We had left London to be only the musicians, producer and those involved in actually making the album… And it was extremely hot outside whilst we were in this legendary studio underneath a church. We worked hard and played hard and made the album I have always tried to make.

What inspired you to write this album?

Rome and revisiting the music I was brought up with… European singer songwriters in the late 60s and 70s were still working with these big orchestras yet they were listening to the rock n roll coming out the US and UK and so added in these incredible rhythm sections. The combination of the two was very unique and of the time.

What makes your new album special and different to your previous successful records?

I had a lot more time to make this album from the writing of it to the artwork and final packaging of it. Throughout the process I got to involve all the people I always wanted to work with and also managed to make the album I wanted to with my band. I was fortunate enough to not perform any instrument on this album and so I was able to watch these incredible musicians do what they do for once.

What are you most proud of in your career?

Remaining independent and continuing to make the music I wanted to make whilst being successful.

At the end of May you will sing live at the Wembley Arena for the first time. How do you feel about that?

I am not sleeping just thinking about it. It is incredible to be able to reach a venue like Wembley and my friends still don’t believe it. Ask me after the show.

What do you like about performing live? Do you still get nervous before getting onstage?

I still do get nervous every show but it is more about making sure we are delivering the best show possible for our fans. Being able to perform with my amazing band is an honour however and they make me feel very at ease onstage.

You’ve collaborated with Kylie Minogue in a duet entitled ”Music’s Too Sad Without You”, while Bob Dylan wrote the lyrics to the song ”Touchy Situation”. How was working with these two great artists?

An absolute honour and a dream fulfilled. I still can’t believe it actually happened… I am almost more proud of the fact that I will probably be the only person to ever have a collaboration with both of these legends on the same album.

Are there any collaborations you’d love to do that might surprise your fans?

You will have to wait and see.

Are there certain things you feel you have yet to accomplish musically?

Plenty and there is still a lot more to come but for now I am just enjoying performing this album.

Interview by: Eva Filiou

Edited by: Christos Tsardakis


Official site: https://www.jacksavoretti.com



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