Exclusive Interview | Faydee: ’’I would love to write a song with Peggy Zina’’

Fady Fatrouni known as Faydee a low-key guy who is loved by the young audience, with over 20 songs including the massive hit ‘’ Laugh Till you Cry’’ that enchanted the charts and winner of the best European artist award , he talked to us and he revealed things about his life and career.

Hello Faydee. First we would like to know how did your interest in music started?

Faydee: It started way back when I was 13 years old and my cousins and I used to work on hip hop and R&B songs for fun. I took it more serious then them I guess and began writing and recording my own songs over beats I found on the internet . I then got discovered by the age of 18 on Soundclick which was like soundcloud of today.

If you weren’t a successful singer what job would you like to do?

Faydee: I would probably own my own business , I don’t know if I could work for someone else or in an office. I worked in many industries , from helping my father with his successful take away and mixed businesses to working for other people in corporate office jobs to packing boxes in warehouses. Nothing compares to doing what you love , but I’ve had to work hard to get where I am today

You have Lebanese origin. Do you visit often your place of origin?

Faydee: My parents were both born and raised in Lebanon so yes. I was touring in Lebanon mid last year and it was amazing . One of my favorite places in the world . The people and the vibe is so much fun.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you miss Australia when you’re travelling and why?

Faydee: Sometimes a 6 and sometimes a 10. I really just miss my friends and family . I also miss my childhood hangout spots! The simple things.

Your massive hits ‘’I need your love’’ and ‘’laugh till you cry’’ topped the charts in many countries how that makes you feel?

Faydee: It’s the best feeling when your hard work pays off and you see the fans enjoying and creating moments from my music.

Which is the inspiration for your songs?

Faydee: Different things from Life to music. A lot of the time i meet someone that touches me so much i need to write a record.


What do you consider to be the most important moment in your career?

Faydee: When i was finally able to quit my day job to be a full time musician. This was when “Laugh till you cry” topped the charts.

Have you experienced some extreme behavior from fan?

Faydee: When they threaten to hurt themselves if i don’t answer, that to me is a bit much.

With whom Greek singer would you like to write a song?

Faydee: I came across Peggy Zina, beautiful voice.

Send a message to all of our readers and fans of yours.

Faydee: Thank you for loving me for me and enjoying the ride with me. So many new exciting things coming and i can’t wait to share every step with you all. S’Agapõ Greece!

Thanks Faydee and Buckle Up Entertainment for this beautiful interview.

This Monday Faydee’s new EP ”LEGENDARY” is going to be released

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